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It is the purpose of the following statement to describe the life-style at South India Biblical Seminary so that prospective students may decide whether or not they would feel comfortable as a member of its student body.


It is expected that students and staff will have committed themselves to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, and that this commit­ment will be evidenced in a life of  personal sanctity, both individual and social.  Such sanctity will include the qualities of honesty, purity, and love, and will among other things result in abstinence from illicit sexual relationships, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and gossips.  It is also expected that a student's personal attire and appearance will befit a Christian, especially in one who is seeking to become a servant leader.


The life and activities of the Seminary as a community of persons with different national, linguistic, cultural and church backgrounds are enriched by the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of Christian fellowship.  The social relationships of unmarried men and women are regulated within conservatively acceptable patterns, keeping in mind the concerns of the parents for their sons and daughters while away from home.


It is assumed that students will have respect for the institution and a willingness to participate enthusiastically in its life and programmes.  This includes a wholesome attitude toward the administra­tion, the faculty, other students, the staff and employees of the Seminary, and toward the Wesleyan-Arminian theological position; also an active sharing in the chapel programme, prayer groups and other scheduled activities of the Seminary.  It is also expected that neither students nor school employees, nor their respective families, will propound and/or promote theological viewpoints in order to create conflict with the Seminary's doctrinal confession.


Upon admission to South India Biblical Seminary, and on arrival at the campus, a student handbook will be provided to each student which more fully sets out the privileges and regulations of student life.  Each student is expected to become familiar with the contents of this handbook and to agree to abide by its requirements.

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