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Christu Sevak Samaj & Christu Vanitha Samaj

The men and women students of the Seminary have their own organizations called the Christu Sevak Samaj and the Christu Vanitha Samaj respectively.  These meet once every week affording opportunity for preaching, public speaking, leadership, discussions and debates, social and music programmes, etc.  These organizations provide the stage for the development and expression of their talents.

Co-Curricular Activities

At the beginning of each academic year, a series of special services are conducted for the spiritual awakening and renewal; likewise the year closes with a similar series of meetings on holiness called the Spiritual Life Conference, when visitors and former students are invited to come and attend.  During the year other functions ad programmes are arranged such as special lectures, conferences, workshops, seminars, camp meetings for Christians, etc. In addition to daily chapel services and evening prayers, the Seminary holds special prayer services every fortnight on Wednesday evenings, It is required of all students that they attend the games period daily and care for their domestic work assignments, as well as to regular in attending devotional services and maintaining their daily private devotions.


SIBS is particular that students get personal attention and help from the faculty, and so every student is assigned to a particular faculty member to whom he/she may go for personal, private sharing and Counselling.  Each faculty member meets together with the assigned students on a fortnightly basis in a Discipleship group for a time of discussion and prayer on issues related to personal discipleship and ministry today.  The faculty-student relationship in the Seminary has been very warm and cordial all these years.

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