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The Seminary teaches that the Church's supreme divinely-assigned mission is the universal proclamation of the Gospel, through word, life and deeds.  The preaching of the Gospel in evangelism and the application of the Gospel to the social and economic needs of people are both mandates of the Lord Jesus Christ.


To meet the various claims of the unbelieving on the one hand and the overly credulous on the other, it is imperative that those study­ing at S.I.B.S. acquire a competency in biblical, theological, and experiential knowledge, as well as ministerial skills, in order to adequately serve their generation and their world.


Consequently the all-compelling purpose behind the curriculum and professional labours of S.I.B.S. is the sufficient preparation of God-called men and women for service that is distinctively Christian.  The entire curriculum is so designed as to enable the students more readily to understand human nature and the ways of God with people so as to proclaim effectively the transforming power of Jesus Christ in human nature and society.


The total Seminary programme is developed with the view of cultivating the spiritual and practical life of seminarians while in their training in order that they may be knowledgeable, capable leaders of others in the realm of human needs through the power of God's Spirit.


Convinced that the Wesleyan-Armenian confessional position and experiential theology conform to the biblical teaching of the possi­bilities of divine grace in the believer's life, this Seminary strives to equip and send forth an adequately trained, fully sanctified, Spirit-anointed, soul-winning ministers.


No service period is required of those who are trained in the Seminary, even if scholarship is provided.  They are expected to serve the churches of which they are members or the organizations which sponsored their studies, or to obey the call of God to go where He may send them to witness for Christ and proclaim the Gospel if they come as independent candidates.  A strong missions and Christian education emphasis is maintained, and many graduates have become workers with Indian mission societies and children's and youth organizations.  Graduates have become in the course of time ordained pastors in the C.S.I., the C.N.I., the Church of the Nazarene, the Methodist Church in India, the Wesleyan Church, the Marthoma Church, Baptist churches and many others.  Still other graduates have found opportunities of service in ashrams, in orphanages, and in hospitals, or in teaching or evangelistic ministries.



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