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Practical Work

Students are provided with opportunities for involvement in practical fieldwork as a part of their training for Christian ministry, in various ways.  It is required of all full-time students that they avail themselves of these opportunities with whole-hearted enthusiasm and involvement.                   


Under the direction of a faculty committee, there will be assigned activities on the weekends. On Saturdays, the students are given various assignments in visiting nearby villages to carry out ministries related to physical and social needs, as well as evangelism.  The programme on Sundays involves Sunday Schools, Church services, House visiting, Youth meetings and Church activities in teaching and preaching.


During the summer vacation period, the students are encouraged and helped to take initiative to enter fields of Christian service in their own churches or elsewhere in mission centers, or in conducting Vacation Bible Schools, or to cooperate with Christian agencies in other types of work.  Every student is required to spend at least one month during the summer in some type of supervised practical work.  A detailed report of such work is to be sent to the Seminary at the end of the month by the one under whom the student has worked

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